SCRO Virtual Learning Academy 2017-2018

Registration is open for students and for the next cohort of educators!

SCRO Virtual Learning Academy (VLA) Course of Studies for 2017-2018.

The updated SCRO VLA Course of Studies provides a description for all Courses for 2017-2018, including 8 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. The Course list is available here as a Word document or pdf for a quick view of the offerings.  Several courses are also open to middle school students with approval of their guidance counselor. 

The 2017- 2018 VLA Student Registration Form and AUP are available here and are included in the Course of Studies.

!!! New for the 2017-2018 school year – Districts who endorsed a teacher in the first two years of the SCRO VLA will receive a discounted rate for student enrollments of 5 or more.  Those districts are: Abington, Avon, Carver, East Bridgewater, Falmouth, Franklin, Holbrook, Norton, Old Rochester Regional, READS Collaborative, Scituate, South Shore Educational Collaborative, West Bridgewater, and Whitman-Hanson Regional.

  • $275 per student per semester when registering 10 students or more.
  • $300 per student per semester when registering 5 -9 students.

Each individual registration for a student for a semester course is $350 for all districts. Advanced Placement and full year courses consist of two semesters of instruction and cost $700 (Additional information on page 4 of the Course of Studies).

All courses are facilitated by teachers from local high schools in southeastern Massachusetts who have completed professional development to become Online Course Design Specialists.  Teachers are licensed in MA in their content area.

Registration Process:  Students complete the Student Registration Form and AUP located in the course of studies and then submit it to their Guidance Counselors or school administrators.  The Guidance Counselors or school administrator them enters all of the required information on the student enrollment form and submits one spreadsheet for all students along with a purchase order.The Student Enrollment Form is available to Guidance Counselors and school administrators.

Schools may submit more than one enrollment form as registrations change throughout the spring and summer.

The cost for each semester is $350 ($700 for full year courses).  There is no requirement to purchase a minimal number of course seats.

Hear from current students about their experience with the SCRO Virtual Learning Academy:

Contact Dr. Theresa Craig, tcraig(at) to register a student or to enroll a teacher in professional development to develop an online course.


Are you interested in providing a teacher for the next round of training in May of 2017?  

• You will be building capacity to provide more students with the experience of online learning before they enter college.
• The cost to the district for the teacher enrollment in the professional development has been reduced to $500.  The professional development is limited to 24 participants.
•Your district will have a teacher whose participation in this professional development will lead to certification to deliver course content online.  Teachers have reported that the professional development to create the online course has influenced and improved their face to face course delivery resulting in a hybrid model. 
• Students from your district will have priority for enrollment in courses offered within the SCRO Virtual Learning Academy.  
• You will be assured that the course content is high quality and delivered by a licensed teacher who is effective in facilitating student learning in a local school district.  
• You can offer courses to your students that might not be offered in your district and offer opportunities for an online experience prior to students entering college. 
•Districts may seek to structure Title IIA money to pay for teacher enrollment in the professional development.
    The Southeast Collaborative Regional Organization (SCRO) developed the SCRO Virtual Learning Academy in the spring of 2015.  Teachers from area districts participate in online professional development in order to be certified as Online Course Design Specialists. These teachers develop the courses that are offered by the SCRO VLA.
     SCRO VLA operates as a non-profit.  All proceeds from student course enrollment, after expenses for teachers, course hosting and administrative support, are credited toward the cost of future enrollment in courses.  The teachers of the SCRO Virtual Learning Academy are locally vetted teachers currently employed in school districts and considered to be highly qualified in their content.
On behalf of Southeast Collaborative Regional Organization,
Dr. Theresa Craig, Executive Director of READS Collaborative.