School-Based Medicaid Program

READS Collaborative is a billing processor for School-Based Medicaid Direct Service Claims and School-Based Medicaid Administrative Activity Claims of the School-Based Medicaid Program.


Ensuring equal educational access for children with special needs has required local educational agencies to provide educational and health-related services.  The health-related services are essential to support equal access and promote educational achievement, however, providing these services has resulted in increased fiscal pressure being placed upon cities and towns to pay for these services. The passage of the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988 clarified Medicaids responsibility to pay for health-related services provided to handicapped children pursuant to an Individualized Education Plan.

To participate in the School-Based Medicaid Program, a school district must conform to a set of requirements established by the federal Health Care Financing Administration.   Districts must complete a Provider Application, determine a students eligibility, assure an Individual Education Plan exist for the student, obtain permission from parent/guardian, and complete a claim document (we have assisted school district in the execution of each of these tasks)

School-Based Medicaid Program Direct Service Claims
School-Based Medicaid Program Administrative Activity Claims
School-Based Medicaid Program Medicaid Billing