Welcome to READS Collaborative!

Welcome from Dr. Theresa Craig, Executive Director

READS Collaborative’s mission is to provide creative, flexible solutions that promote the success and well-being of each child, adolescent and adult learner.

As you explore the READS website you will recognize that READS Collaborative strives to facilitate relationships between students, families, school districts and community services.  READS Collaborative improves the educational outcomes for children and families of area communities by providing services through a highly specialized, trained staff of educators, administrators, therapists and assistants.  Students participate in educational experiences at READS Collaborative that promote their success in receiving a high school diploma and having options for higher education or employment. 

Please visit the links on our website that take you to information about specific programs and services that we offer: 

  • READS Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program provides day programs for children who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing in integrated public school settings. 
  • READS Academy provides a therapeutic day program for children who have social, emotional or behavioral challenges. 
  • READS District Services provides therapeutic services to districts as needed in areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, counseling, behavioral consultation, ABA services, professional development, services of a school psychologist, and placement of long-term support personnel. 
  • The READS Clinic provides a menu of comprehensive psycho-educational, neuro-psychological, audiological, speech/language and other evaluations at the request of school districts. 
  • Other services that are an example of how READS can individualize services to districts include Medicaid billing and cooperative purchasing.
  • The administrators, educators and specialists of READS Collaborative work diligently to promote the success and well-being of the children, adolescents and adults we serve.

I continue to feel privileged to work with the dedicated staff of READS Collaborative who educate and provide therapeutic intervention for the students in our care. 

We welcome inquiries about our programs and services.  Please enjoy exploring our website as we expand and improve upon the information that is provided there.  Please be sure to review the 2013-2016 READS Collaborative Strategic Plan to see the foundation that has been laid for the future of the Collaborative.

Theresa A. Craig, Ed.D.

Executive Director