READS Academy

The Academy is a 10-month program following the 180 day school calendar with an optional 5 week summer component. The new location for the Academy Therapeutic Public Day School, PreK - 12+ is 44 Bedford St., Middleboro. The building has two Suites: Suite A for children in Preschool up to Grade 6 and Suite B for students in Grades 7-12+.

READS Academy also offers a substantially separate therapeutic classroom for high school students which is located within West Bridgewater Middle-Senior High School.   This setting provides students with the opportunity to transition into general education classes while receiving specialized services. 

In addition, READS Academy offers  Assessment Services at all grade levels that are designed to assist Special Education Teams in identifying the  needs of students through comprehensive clinical and educational evaluations.  Evaluation Data is gathered through a variety of tools to assist in educational planning and placement. 

Staff Contacts




Erinn Fauteux

Program Director PreK-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2133

Deirdre Dowd-Pizzuto

Director of Student Services PreK-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2219

Carrie Smith

Clinical Director PreK-6

(508) 947-3634 x2102

Doreen Souza

Clinical Director 7-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2202

Rachael Kent

Admissions Coordinator PreK-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2217

Carmel Andrews

Program Secretary 7-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2201

Karen Bissett

Program Secretary 7-12+

(508) 947-3634 x2200

Wendy Brennan

Program Secretary PreK-6

(508) 947-3634 x2101