Work Based Learning

What is Work-Based Learning?

READS Academy offers Work-Based Learning (WBL) experiences for students both on and off campus.  The program has two main goals:  to offer real-life work experience to students and to strengthen community connections.

WBL Programming includes a Careers Education class, vocational counseling, job shadowing and coaching, on-site internships, and off-site work-study placements.

Off-Site Work-Study

Students are expected to interview for a placement and create a contract addressing specific goals and how they correlate to the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.  Job Coaches supervise students with decreasing frequency as they become more knowledgeable in their tasks.  Job Coaches may also be responsible for bi-weekly and quarterly progress reports that are used for student's grading.

Students that complete the program requirements receive school credit toward graduation while acquiring life experience that is unmatched within the classroom.

Work-Site Supervisor Responsibility

  • Assure the opportunity to learn specific tasks as outlined by a signed agreement;
  • Offer a clear and relevant job description;
  • Communicate with READS staff in order to resassess the progress of the placement;
  • Provide feedback to students.

Student Responsibility

  • Work consistently toward goals;
  • Participate in progress meetings;
  • Participate in supplemental programming: counseling, Careers Class;
  • Understand that participation does not guarantee paid employment.

More Ways to Be Involved

If you are unable to offer a work-training site at this time, know that there are other possibilities that allow you the chance to assist in a youth's educational experience.

Introduce Your Career

READS offers career days to which you are invited to come and speak to high school students about what you do and how you do it.  Share how you became interested in your career, how you prepared for it, and what pros and cons you have encountered along the way!

Site Visits

During the exploration phase, job coaches accompany students as they are exposed to various occupations.  Visits to job sites are scheduled for students to observe the variety of tasks performed by individuals throughout their work day.

Career Assessment

During the second phase, students are evaluated in a variety of work-related areas by a job coach (following directions, performance, and social relationships).  Data collected are used to assess the student's abilities and appropriateness for further placements.

Should you decide to participate in READS WBL Program, please know that we stand behind all of our placements at each phase.  If you have questions or concerns regarding your involvement at any time, please contact us immediately.