READS is presenting our Data Collection program on Thursday, October 19th at MassCUE!

How many meetings have you attended where you didn’t have detailed knowledge of the student being discussed?  Where you felt the student had little or no voice in the meetings’ outcome?  Where one colleague, with a strong opinion, dominated the meeting and the outcome? We have! That is how READS Analytics originated. 

READS Analytics utilizes Google Data Studio to visualize student behavioral and social emotional data.  It brings data to life, allowing you to dig deeper, and make informed decisions that improve student outcomes.  After implementing READS Analytics our faculty is empowered to make better informed, data driven, decisions and interventions.  

READS Analytics allows users to isolate variables.  This enables educators to clearly see a student's area of need and develop interventions or supports to address that need. It also provides the ability to monitor student progress over time, and determine if the interventions and/or supports that have been put in place are effective.  READS Analytics can be used to measure student progress in achieving IEP goals in social emotional learning and academic skills, creating a pathway to revise a student's goals based on their progress. 

During our presentation we will show how qualitative data is collected, and then visualized.  We will also discuss the challenges of development and implementation. This presentation was developed with educators of all kinds in mind including teachers, administrators and special educators.  We are excited and enthusiastic to share this journey with our colleagues!